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We help sucessful families flourish by uncovering unhealthy family dynamics, resolving complex problems, and addressing major emotional and financial concerns.
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One of the most serious threats to your family’s happiness and value preservation lies in the undisputed historical fact that 70% of affluent families lose their wealth within three generations. But studies show that only 3% of that failure is due to poor legal and financial planning. This means that having competent financial advisors is not enough to insulate you from this highly probable eventuality of loss. Surprisingly, 60% of that 70% failure is due to lack of trust and poor communication within the family. In other words, it’s the people problems that send families into a downward spiral that can destroy, not only harmony, but also the ability to transfer wealth to descendants. Therefore, the survival of a strong, cohesive family and its assets depends on your ability to deal with the interpersonal and relationship issues that can tear your family apart or leave family members inadequately prepared to manage family concerns.

We provide family systems consulting to identify root causes for failure and help you remove barriers to continued emotional and financial success for your family. We bring positive psychology to improve situations before they become too serious. We use effective instruments and exercises specifically designed to direct your family members toward personal growth and prosperity.

As principals for Aspen Consulting Team, our work is based on transactional systems theory and years of practice in the fields of psychology, theology and organizational development. With our support you will recognize obstacles to your progress, acquire tools to reach your goals and achieve greater fulfillment and harmony within your family.

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